New Build


There’s nothing more special from building your dream home from the ground up. It’s way better than leasing and tons better than renting out one. However, in undertaking a new build you have to get all your facts in order. It isn’t an easy feat as it must be done in a very professional and proper manner. At JMC Construction we got you covered as New Builds is one of our core strengths as a construction industry giant. Let’s give you a glimpse of how we get it done.



Before you even begin to buy the tools and materials for the job you need to work on a proper estimate that will get you the required quality you are looking for. Everyone has a separate vision and not everybody is on the same salary scale hence the disparity in most estimates. At JMC Construction we have some of the best and most experienced financial planners in the industry that will help you out in drawing an estimate for the building you aim to create from the scratch. They are hospitable, smart and flexible so relating with them would be an absolute breeze.

The Perfect Builders

At JMC Construction we do not compromise on quality. We understand that you are paying us for the best and as such we do not offer you anything bar the best. We employ the perfect builders to undertake your new build with class and a first class execution. We have a strict employment policy that gives us the crème of the coup of building. Our builders are smart, reliable, polite and versatile hence our outstanding reputation both in the local industry as well as international market.

Legal Department

One thing frequently forgotten or conveniently sidetracked in the construction industry is the need to have a proper and reliable legal department. This is even more important in new builds as here most times we need to take permission from the local councils and authorities as well as verify multiple documents before we can get to work. At JMC Construction we do not outsource. Instead we have our own world class legal department that handles such potential headaches thereby saving costs as well as giving you our esteemed customer a fool proof service that will prevent a potential future embarrassment.

Get In Touch


JMC construction doesn’t just build, construct and create. We also aim to put a smile on a client’s face and we derive pleasure in taking a job and building it into an undeniable masterpiece in just a couple of weeks or months. Thinking of undertaking a new build? We got you covered at JMC Construction. Take your landline and don’t hesitate in making that call.