Commercial Carpentry

Commercial Renovations

One of the most noble and modest of professions. Carpentry is as old as man itself and over the years it has evolved from being merely substantial to being something quite big. The beauty of commercial carpentry cannot be understated so here at JMC Construction we’ll tell you a thing or two about the reasons why you should give us that commercial carpentry job you want to get done.


Attention to detail

At JMC Construction we pay strict and precise attention to detail in our commercial plastering enterprise. In commercial carpentry we know for certain that every inch matters and that’s why we equip our workers and employees with state of the art tools to make sure that there are no stories that touch after a long and strenuous building process. When tools are old we replace them quickly so as to ensure that we do not compromise our standards.


Carpentry is not rocket science neither is it elementary mathematics. We know that it is very essential for our employees to be fit, proper and professional. However, unlike most of our competitors we do not sacrifice dexterity and wisdom in our creative process. At JMC Construction we ensure that we only employ carpenters that possess physical dexterity, with nimble fingers that are capable to easily move with great precision. That’s why we’re so good at what we do. We don’t settle for less!


You might be worried that after a job has been done and our workers leave the site that’s the end of the story. Worry not as at JMC Construction we ensure that constant communication is never compromised. Following the successful commercial carpentry job undergone we are available for periodic maintenance checks as well as proper advice to ensure the job done is kept in the best shape. We certainly aren’t your regular construction industry giant!

Get In Touch


Carpentry has long been maligned in the mass media and general building industry. However, at JMC Construction we discovered a while back that this forgotten art form is actually one of the simplest ways in beautifying just about anything. Take your time look at our catalogue and just see if you won’t be impressed. At JMC the C stands for commercial carpentry and we can get the job done. We’re just a call away!